Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. At the heart of any effective mediation is an acceptance of the wisdom in this maxim, that a good resolution today is generally better than a hoped-for, perfect resolution in the uncertain future.

Scott St. Marie understands that a mediator cannot create the resolution of a dispute. The parties must do that. A skilled mediator  can, however, facilitate a resolution by opening lines of dialogue; by establishing an atmosphere of trust; and by making the parties aware of the weaknesses as well as the strengths of their positions. Scott’s role as mediator is informed by many years of experience representing all the potential sides in complex construction disputes—owners, contractors and subcontractors, sureties, engineers and architects.

A skilled mediator can facilitate resolution by opening lines of dialogue, establishing an atmosphere of trust, and illuminating a party's weaknesses along with its strengths

There are times when a global resolution of the parties’ disputes is unattainable.  In those instances, Scott explores alternatives such as partial resolution or even single-issue resolution. And he remains available after the mediation to continue fostering a dialogue that can lead to resolution.