Arbitration is an effective and attractive alternative to litigation; resolution in arbitration can be substantially cheaper and faster than litigation. Whether the
decision-maker is a sole arbitrator or a panel, achieving these goals requires both flexibility and determination.

Scott St. Marie, through his extensive experience both as arbitrator and counsel in construction disputes, is familiar with the wide variety of issues that typify these complex matters, from lost productivity and constructive acceleration to cumulative impact and critical path delays.  

Scott's close familiarity with the wide variety of issues which typify construction claims is grounded on his decades-long involvement in these complex disputes

Scott's deep experience, gained from many years representing all sides in major construction disputes, enables him to understand the responsibilities and interests of each participant, as well as their interrelationships. He brings to each matter he arbitrates an open mind and a sympathetic understanding of each party’s point of view.



Scott is an active member of the Construction Industry Arbitration
Panel of the American Arbitration Association.